7.5 months on T comparison

o I am 7.5 months on T and I am just now doing a comparison shot. It doesn't look that different to me but we will see what you guys think. These really aren't the most attractive pics of me but they were the best I could find for my comparison purposes. :)

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my room :)

So Stacia and I have an additional bedroom at our house that is really tiny so we decided it would be my office/house my dresser.....I finally have it set up how I want. Here are a couple of pics.

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workout history

I have a lot of questions about what I do as far as working out. I made out a lifting time line for this one guy and emailed it to him so I thought I'd make it public and edit it every once in awhile.

Again, comment if you would like me to add you.


I have been lifting since June 2003 (the summer after I graduated from
high school) I wasn't lifting necessarily to change my body at that
time. But I was in athletics from 7th-10th grade and liked the feeling
of challenging my body so I got back into it. I have been 5'6 since I
was 17 or so...so that hasn't changed with these records.

1st # = lbs
2nd # =reps.
example 120x5 is 120lbs for 5 reps.

6/03- approx body weight (BW) 120lbs. started lifting did not keep
record of strength
11/29/04- BW: 131lbs age:19
12/3/04 Dumbbell (DB) bench press 30x10 30x8 35x6
2/27/05 Barbell (BB) bench 80x4 85x4 85x3 95x3
4/5/05 BB bench 75x5 80x5 85x5 90x2 age:20
5/1/05 BB bench 75x5 80x5 85x3
5/22/05 BW 132lbs
7/10/05 BB bench 65x10 70x8 75x6 85x3

7/14-2/10/05-did not lift weights. was in the beginning of a new
relationship. haha

3/5/06-BB bench 60x10 65x8 75x5 80x2.5BW:140.5lbs
4/29/06 BB bench 65x8 75x6 85x4 95x2 age:21

5/06-10/06- didn't lift. started another new relationship then had
heart crushed. lol BW was between 130-135lbs at this point

10/06-lifted and kept records but i couldn't find them.

1/28/07 BB bench 70x10 80x10 85x6.5 95x2 BW: 148lbs
2/18/07 DB bench 35x10 40x10 40x9 45x4 45x5
3/4/07 BB bench 75x10 80x10 90x7 95x5 BW: 145lbs
4/15/07 DB bench 30x15 35x15 40x13 age:22
4/27/07 BB bench 80x13 95x8 100x7 BW: 150lbs
5/28/07 BB bench 95x10 105x7 110x5 115x5 BW: 152lbs

6/18/07 BB incline bench 75x8 85x8 95x7 BW:152lbs ----1st shot of T
7/20/07 BB incline bench 65x12 85x10 95x8 100x7 BW: 148.6lbs----approx
1 month on T
8/20/07 BB flat bench 105x6 115x6 120x5 125x4 BW: 151.4lbs-----2 mo on T
9/21/07 BB flat bench 95x12 105x10 115x8 135x2 BW: 154lbs---3 mo on T
10/17/07 BB flat bench 95x12 115x8 125x5 125x5----4 mo on T
11/11/07 BB flat bench 115x8 125x6 130x6 BW: 158lbs-----almost 5 mo on T

-I would really like to put 50lbs on my bench in the next year or so.
I am really impressed with my progress so far.